April 13, 2019

2016 Speakers

Ian Trump

Mitigating Cybercrime Through Meaningful Measurement Methodologies


3D printing crash course

Monika Morrow & Cindee Tran

Making Educated Guesses on Password Storage


Downfall and the corporate takover of the hacker community.

Dani Dirks

Anyone Can Learn To Code. Here’s What Will Make You A Great Programmer.

Monika Morrow & Scott Simmons

A Peek Behind the Curtain, How Pentesters See

Will Caput

Hacking Gift cards. How insecure gift cards can be discovered and stolen to get you free food and merchandise.

Billy Rios

Medical Device Vulnerability Research: The Good, The Bad, The OMG that's Ugly

This talk explores the adventures of real life medical device research efforts including: acquiring devices, the technical aspects of medical device research, exploitation strategies, tips for working with DHS/FDA, and of course war stories