April 13, 2019

2019 Speakers

Edward Miro

Rideshare OSINT - Car Based SE For Fun & Profit

Like many, I have used rideshare apps to make money between gigs and full time employment. With the right conversation techniques and strategic staging locations, this is a hugely untapped SE vector and information source for target intelligence. It's also an ideal laboratory for those looking to practice and implement social engineering basics and hone 'soft skills'. With over 500 passengers and a 5 star rating, I will share some of the discoveries I've made in this arena and the skills that work.

Edward Miro

Kent Hastings

Open Source Solutions for Election Security

After the "hanging chads" trouble in Florida during the Gore/Bush 2000 election, some suggested replacing paper and punchcards with online and touchscreen machines to automate voting and insure the integrity of the selection. That solution is perhaps less accountable unless properly designed.

Herbert Spencer

Zachary Minneker

Frute: a fuzzer/brute forcer

In this talk, I'm going to go over the motivation for building a brute forcing tool, talk about languages and why I chose Go for frute, talk a little bit about Go itself just to sort of hammer home a point about that choice, and then talk about the development of the tool itself. I'm going to talk about the challenges that came up during the development of the tool, how I overcame them, and how frute has worked out in competition use.

Herbert Spencer, TraitWare

Reducing the Human Error During a Login

TraitWare® ties the user to the login and eliminates usernames and passwords, which secures and simplifies the user's digital life. TraitWare’s product employs a simple and secure login solution, providing multi-factor login options based on the security desired. Competitive solutions remain layered on the existing username and password model. TraitWare eliminates usernames and passwords by using a secure confidential capture of a user’s unique digital traits and differentiates a user’s device to 1 in 300 billion. With TraitWare, credentials cannot be stolen, lost, or phished.

Herbert Spencer

Lisa Stein, Coastal Business Systems

How SHARP products connect to an Active Directory to become a secure device

THE MAP and SHARP security features on MFPs and how they benefit each company

Stephan Lonis

Communications in a GRID Down Scenario and Why old technology standards prevail in the face of emerging technologies during a disaster. (Ham Radio Talk-Packet Radio)

Among other threats faced everyday in the information security field California is unique in that in recent years we've been faced with devastating wildfires. Technology we depend on can be brought to a halt at a moments notice during a major disaster. In this talk I would like to go over packet radio from a ham radio perspective and how it is used in the face of a disaster when all other infrastructure is down. I will also touch on topics I have learned in my amateur radio journey in respect to RF signal analysis, antennas, software available and, new and exciting digital modes coming out.

Stephan Lonis

Aaron Williams

Old School Technical Surveillance & Countermeasures

An overview of technical surveillance threat models, methods, technologies, and countermeasures.

Victor Torres

How to win the National Cyber League

The National Cyber League is a capture the flag competition that takes place every semester for college students. There are two parts to the competition, solo and as a team. In fall 2018 I placed 1st in the solo competition, and in the team competition my team placed 1st. I will be going over how I started out in this field, and the skills I developed that led me to victory.

Victor Torres